Spanish Court of Arbitration
Buscador de Miembros

The Court provides its services in a transparent and accessible manner. Without prejudice to its duties of confidentiality, the Court publishes and makes available to users the following information (depending on the case):

  1. Full and transparent information on the Court, its Rules, its legal status and its governance system; its members; the services offered; the internal procedures it follows in administering arbitration proceedings; and the criteria it applies to the appointment and confirmation of arbitrators, as well as their challenge and removal.
  2. Information on professionals who the Court considers suitable in principle to act as arbitrators in the procedures that it is engaged to administer (the “Indicative List of Arbitrators”).
  3. Chronological information on the arbitration proceedings it is administering, including information on the arbitrators acting in those proceedings.
  4. Awards, as well as decisions on challenge to and replacement of arbitrators, once redacted to remove confidential information and provided that the parties expressly state their agreement to publication.
  5. Its filing and administrative fees, as well as arbitrators’ fees and the costs of other services associated with the arbitration proceedings.
  6. An annual report that will include at least the following information:
    • Number of arbitration proceedings started and completed during the year, as well as the number of open matters at year-end and the total quantum subject to litigation.
    • List of arbitrators appointed or confirmed during the year.
    • Particular incidents occurring during the year in relation to the arbitration proceedings administered by the Court, including: (i) aggregate number of prima facie decisions on the Court’s competence, indicating the direction of the decisions; (ii) aggregate number of arbitrators proposed by the parties but not confirmed by the Court, briefly stating the grounds; (iii) number of Court decisions on challenges to arbitrators, indicating the direction of the Court decision and, in the case of upheld challenges, briefly stating the grounds; (iv) judicial decisions in proceedings for the annulment or enforcement of awards arising from arbitration proceedings administered by the Court and of which it is aware.
    • List of arbitration events, workshops or conferences that the Court has organised, sponsored or participated in as an institution, with details of entities, organisations, businesses or firms that have sponsored or collaborated in events organised by the Court.
  7. Statistics on Court-administered matters, indicating the number of cases, whether domestic or international, quantum, the subject-matter subject to arbitration, the parties’ sectors of activity, average length of proceedings, and structure of the arbitral tribunals.

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